JJC Skillz, Soso Soberekon clash over political affiliations


JJC Skillz and Soso Soberekon are currently trending online after the duo clashed over their political affiliations.

Music executive Soso Sobereokon, who recently indicated interest in going into politics, shared a photo of himself with former Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan and added a prayer emoji.

JJC Skillz had a problem with Soso’s post and he replied: “4 what?”

Soso hit back saying: “Because he is far better!! Don’t forget your wife campaigned for APC & Buhari and they still betrayed and disgraced her. Think about it bro.”

JJC hit back, writing: “Get your facts right. My wife never campaigned for your friend. You’re just being defensive because you join chop Nigerian money. So Abegie Sharappp there. #thiefnathief.”

Soso responded by trying to emasculate JJC.

He wrote: “No need for insults, your HUSBAND Funke is my friend except I for post the video evidence. Gigolo.”

JJC Skillz replied: “@sososoberekon my masculinity is not in question. You’re diverting. Promoting and elevating a person that looted our nation. You got paid and now probably want a position abi. And just incase you don’t know my story. Guy let me make it clear. I’m a king that found a queen and we built an empire. CLEAN MONEY. Can you say the same about yourself?”

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