Omotola Jalade disgraced on social media for doubting the Lekki Massacre

Omotola Jalade

Nigerians on social media have disgraced veteran Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade over the comment she made concerning the Lekki Massacre incident.

Omotola Jalade had tweeted about how no family has come out to announce that their child was killed. According to the mother of 4, if truly people died at the Lekki massacre, their families should speak out and if no one died, then Nigerians should stop the sensationalism.

Few minutes later, Omotola who was bombarded with insults and negative comments was forced to bring the tweet down. According to Nigerians, the actress’s tweet was an insensitive one and many were disappointed.

Omotola however apologized for making such comment during a time like this.

“I’m deleting that tweet so it’s not used wrongly. Apologies as it’s been misunderstood. Sorry about the use of “ if” . Please don’t distrust Everyone there are steadfast people . Know them. We move #endimpunityinNigeria #Endpolicebrutality #EndBadGoveranceInNigeria” she wrote.

See how Nigerians reacted to her tweet;

@udeechukwu wrote “Do you think all these things are child’s play… didn’t you see the dead bodies do you think it’s easy for grieving families to speak up. Do you think everyone is as influential as you and can be heard easily …
do you know some peoples family might not be aware till now?”

@cooldan1 wrote “This is so Insensitive go and fix your home first eye service BS”

@princessonums wrote “Omotola!!!??????? What if their families are still looking for them!! Bodies were taken by the Army!!!!!! You for no just talk “

@chimmy_afiana wrote “It’s obvious that Omotola has been paid. It’s such a disgrace that you of all people could tweet such rubbish..cavisaservice..Omotola always trying to sound intelligent but falls short every single time this is insensitive and tactless”

@fazzy_pizzle wrote “I’m highly disappointed in Omotola ,I expected more I thought she had sense”

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