Nigerian woman recounts how prayer saved her 3 months old pregnancy


A Nigerian lady, Cynthia Adaeze Chinule has recounted how she prayed her pregnancy back to life when she thought she had lost it.

According to her, she experienced a heavy flow of blood when she was 3 months pregnant and the doctors could do nothing but watch.

She revealed that she did just the right thing – Prayer.

Read her story as posted on her Facebook page below:

“My darling daughter is 3months today.

So grateful.

I remember thinking we lost her when I was 3months pregnant and i found myself in a pool of blood.

I just called my husband from the room and saying ‘there’s blood everywhere, the baby!’

And he said ‘what happened to the baby?’😑

And in tears I said ‘see blood everywhere, its the baby’

He said ‘that’s not my child blood. Stand up and clean yourself up. Where is your faith?! Stop talking anyhow. Dont see blood and say it’s my child. My child is fine’

We called the hospital and went there for a scan…

…And really, that’s wasnt out Baby’s blood but my own bloodπŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

That was the placenta detaching from the womb and a mass of blood being discharged following that.

Our baby was fine and strong and kicking and the doctor’s report was ‘there is a heartbeat today, but we can’t guarantee anything. There is nothing we can do. We will just watch and hope the placenta doesn’t go out completely with the baby’.


We prayed.

Oh, for this child we prayed!

Gloria Chingarum Adaeze Chinule, our living Miracle.

I’m sharing this to encourage anyone thinking you are helpless or in a bad situation, YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!


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