Matawalle: Dialogue Is The Best Solution To Tackle Banditry

Matawalle: Dialogue Is The Best Solution To Tackle Banditry
Governor Matawalle

Zamfara State Governor, Bello Matawalle has stated that the best solution to end banditry across the nation is through negotiation.

Governor Matawalle made this remark on Wednesday while fielding questions from journalists in Yola.

Governor Matawalle has faced severe criticisms in recent weeks over hus continued call for negotiations with bandits terrorising communities in the country.

On Wednesday, he urged his colleagues to endeavour to negotiate with bandits in the interest of promoting peace.

Matawalle noted that the best and only option to douse tension and bring an end to banditry in Zamfara and other states, is for government officials to embrace dialogue.

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“I have been always saying the best solution and option to tackle banditry is to seek for dialogue with the bandits,” he was quoted to have said.

“If really we want to end this banditry activity, we have to sit at a roundtable and negotiate, because through dialogue and reconciliation, we were able to secure the release of many people who were under the captivity of kidnappers.

“So, the best way out for my colleagues, governors, is for them to subscribe to dialogue.”

He noted that for some bandits that were interested in dialogue, government officials could sit with them and listen to their grievances, if any.

“But those that refuse to take part in dialogue, we fight them, because as a governor, my number one priority is to ensure peace and stability, and to ensure people are sleeping with two eyes closed,” the governor added.

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