Resist all attempt to destroy the unity of this country -Osinbajo urge Nigerians


Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, urges Nigerians to shun anything that attempts to divide the nation, declaring that Nigeria is better as one.

Osinbajo made this known during his All Progressive Congress, APC revalidation process in Ikenne ward one in Ogu state said, “We must resist any attempt to destroy the unity of this country, our people have lived and worked together for decades, even centuries.”

He added: “While we must attend to the cries of communities, and the cries of our people for justice, equity and fairness, we can do so within this same union. Ultimately we are stronger together than apart.”

In a written statement made available to newsmen by his media assistant, Laolo Akande, Osinbajo stressed that despite the ailing insecurity in the country, justice, equity, and fairness can be meted to all communities in the country within the Nigeria union.

He encourages Nigerians to “resist any attempts to destroy the unity of this country,” adding that, “Our people have lived and worked together for decades.”

Commending the effort of the President, Muhammadu Buhari, to deal with the country’s insecurity challenges, Prof. Yemi stated that more emphasis is given to technology surveillance and intelligence gathering.

He explained that with the appointment of new Service Chiefs, the nation’s security approach had a “fresh set of eyes, intellect and skills and a fresh look at strategies against the insurgency in the North East, as well as banditry and kidnapping elsewhere.”

Osinbajo further urges states to create their security structures but engage in a stronger collaboration between the security agencies and the Justice ministries to assist in improving security nationwide.

“We must speed up and strengthen the community policing structures; States must continually train, educate and formalize their local security structures so that they complement the Federal law enforcement agencies. Policing must be a collective effort, from the Local Government to the State Government and all the way up to the Federal Government.

“We must ensure the prosecution of all those who have been arrested for kidnapping, banditry. There must be evidence that justice is being done. This is achievable by stronger collaboration between the police, state Ministries of Justice, and the Federal Ministry of Justice.

“We are in government at one of the most challenging times in history. The pandemic has not helped matters, and we also have had security challenges that have stretched our law enforcement capacities all over the country. But we remain the best party to solve these problems.”

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